Strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, confidence and personal awareness.

These are all things that you can gain from practicing Yoga, Pilates, barre or a combination of them. And these are all things that my clients leave with.

Regardless of which you practice–Yoga, Pilates, barre or a combo–these workouts clear your mind, allow you to focus your concentration and release stress and allow you to progress further in your personal growth and overall health.

I should also add that with any of these workouts, the focus is the individual. It’s not about competing with the person next to you, it’s about self-awareness, focus, and reflection. How are you feeling? Can you improve your alignment? Can you balance better, today? Those are the things I encourage my students to focus on, and I’ve found that when they do, they’re able to become more aware and take themselves to a place they never knew existed.


Unsure about taking a class, recovering from an injury, but wanting to learn more?

I offer privates and small group sessions by appointment for this very reason.

Contact me directly at 815-979-7703 or


Taunia is a wonderful instructor. I loved her classes, always so upbeat and positive, and I got amazing results …

Kendra Harris Green

Taunia is well trained and experienced in her field of study. I have worked with and attended Pilates classes with Taunia. She takes the time to give excellent instructions and checks in to see that each person is working at a level appropriate for the individual. Taunia has a warm caring personality and makes everyone feel comfortable in a class.


Taunia is a wonderful instructor who truly cares about everyone she meets. She genuinely listens to how others are feeling and will add stretches or moves to the workout to provide relief to many ailments. Her passion for health and well-being is authentic and so is her desire to help others. I not only attend Taunia’s classes, but I also employed her for my company’s corporate wellness classes as an instructor. She did an amazing job and we look forward to having her back.

Erika Bengtson

PHR, HR Business Partner , University of Wisconsin Extension

Taunia did a Reformer Pilates Teacher Training at my studio and was a delight! She was knowledgeable about the body, strong with her cues, and had a calming demeanor. I just wish she lived in the city so that she could work in my studio!

Abby Phelps

Owner & Pilates Instructor, Club Pilates Lincoln Park, iL


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