A 5-Day Whole Foods Detox to Help You

Feel Better, Have More Energy, and Look Great

(Without Giving Up Real Food!)


Group program runs November 5th thru November 9th, 2018.


The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, and, if you’re like me, you’re getting ready to get back on track after a summer of fun in the sun!  But before you give up on your healthy habits and give in to the sugary treats of the holidays (pumpkin spice EVERYTHING), there’s still time to drop some weight, get more energy and get your glow back.

Most of us think of summer as a time to have fun and play, but we also might be eating more sugary treats (ice cream + cocktails!) than we realize.  As the seasons change, we’re given a great opportunity to check in and re-assess how we’re doing with our health goals.


Are you experiencing any of the following?


  • Carrying excess weight around your belly

  • Experience sugar or salt cravings on a regular basis

  • Have skin blemishes and breakouts

  • Can’t think straight or feel like you have brain fog

  • Get the late afternoon energy slump

  • Wake up still feeling tired

  • Feel like you’ve lost your glow


If so, it might be time for a gentle, whole foods detox!  Even when we eat really clean foods, we’re exposed to toxins in our environment all the time, and, those hitchhiking chemicals can really put a kink in our weight loss goals!

This program is perfect for you if you’ve never detoxed before, and it’s especially right if you’re nervous about what might happen to you during a detox.





The 5-Day Detox for Beginners really works because:


  • Many, many clients have done this detox and have benefitted from this gentle, yet highly effective detox protocol
  • You’ll be eating a whole-foods based diet with legumes, vegetables, whole grains and some lean proteins
  • You’ll get a TON of support from me during the group detox via our members-only support forum
  • I’ve created an amazing book of recipes that includes easy to prepare recipes your whole family will eat (SERIOUSLY!)  They’ve passed the 4-year-old niece test!  😉
  • You’ll have optional supplements you can add into the program to make your detox even deeper
  • I’m committed to your success.  If you need help at any time during your detox program, I’ll be there to support you, answer your questions, and tweak your program so it works for you.

Now here’s the big question.  Why detox in the first place?


I’m so glad you asked!! I used to think detoxes were only for health nuts and celebrities (think Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston).  Then, I started learning more about nutrition, about our bodies’ physiology and about the environmental toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis.  It’s really intense!  Did you know that scientists have determined that most people are carrying 700 contaminants in their bodies?  These chemicals have been linked to all kinds of damage including cancer, high blood pressure, memory problems, immune dysfunction, attention deficit disorder, and more.

Yes, our bodies do work to detox on a daily basis, and they do this through four primary organs:  the lungs, the kidneys, the skin and the liver.  The challenge comes when our bodies get exposed to more toxins than they can process out, which is happening to all of us every day.  The truth of the matter is that toxic chemicals in our food, our air, our water and in materials all around us can quickly overload our systems.

When our bodies get overexposed to toxins, our liver does the best job it can to protect us, and it does this by wrapping those toxins in mucous and storing them in fat cells.  EEEW!  The problem with that is when we have a toxin stored in our fat, we can’t burn that fat until we release and process that toxin!  The reality is that no matter how much you exercise, eat right, and manage your stress, you won’t be able to lose that stubborn fat until you partake in a detox and get rid of those toxins for good.

This is the first detox I’ve done that really didn’t feel restrictive! I used the experience to try new recipes, and now I’m using the ones I liked regularly! My favorites were the banana oatmeal and the simple minestrone soup. Who knew clean food could taste this good! Laurie V. Chicago, IL

Laurie V.

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The 5-Day Detox for Beginners is perfect for you if:


  • You’ve never detoxed before
  • You’ve detoxed before, but you’ve found that hardcore raw, vegan and juice cleanses don’t really work for you.
  • You’re really busy and don’t have time for a longer detox program
  • You want a gentle but effective detox
  • You’re looking for a whole foods detox program
  • You want to clean out your system before the holidays hit
  • You’re ready to hit the re-set button on your eating habits


Many people have participated in the 5-Day Detox for Beginners. 
Here’s what a few of them had to say:

I was totally blown away at how amazing the recipes were. I thought I would be starving the entire time but I wasn’t. I had so much energy and loved all of the food. My favorites were the chili, curry, lentil soup, the chocolate fat bombs were the bomb. I LOVED the Pumpkin Latte!! Everything was so good and super easy to make. Happy to share that my hubby decided to join me in the detox. He lost 5 lbs and I lost 3. BYE BYE BLOAT!! So happy I decided to give this a try!

Charity M., Los Angeles, CA

I asked my husband to look through the recipes and pick 2 he wanted me to try and he couldn’t decide because everything looked so delicious. So far I’ve made 1 soup, 1 stew and 2 breakfast recipes and everything’s been so yummy but what I like best is playing with foods I usually don’t use.


I have to admit that I used to hate the thought of a “detox.” I had seen others that were strange or fairly extreme. I’ve been under a lot of stress recently. I ate too much sugar, and my gut has been bloated and achy. So I decided to give this a try. Well, I LOVE your 5-Day Detox! The recipes are delicious! I noticed a difference in my belly bloat in just a few days. My husband is even asking what new recipe I’m cooking tonight. With my crazy busy schedule, your handbook gave me all the info I needed. Thanks again for making this doable!

Donna D, Tucson, AZ

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What you’ll get with the 5-Day Detox for Beginners:

  • 58 recipes that are specifically crafted to support your body’s natural detox processes (Recipe Guide & Smoothies, Green Juices, Lattes, and Elixirs Guide)
  • Two live training calls taught by me on everything you need to know to detox AND how to transition out of the detox
  • Handbook including a daily protocol with step-by-step instructions on what to do and when to do it (Handbook)
  • A 20-minute strategy session with me to determine your next steps once you’re done with the detox.

**Bonuses I’m giving away:

  • A shopping list template that will make hitting the grocery store a breeze
  • A supplement guide including my favorite brands and where you can get them
  • A “Deepen Your Detox” handbook so you can boost your detox experience
  • A complete “Eating Out” guide so you’ll know exactly what to order if you have a business lunch or dinner with friends
  • 15 Self-Care Secrets Handbook
  • An online yoga class in the group to help you feel your best

You’ll get everything listed above for just $77 EARLY BIRD PRICE expires 10/24!  Regular price $97

This was my first detox and I have to say, it was the best thing! The recipes are easy and delicious. My kids LOVE kale chips and roasted chick peas now. The detox hot cocoa is my new, favorite night time indulgence and it’s HEALTHY! After five days, I not only felt great, but had more energy. I no longer felt sluggish. I never felt deprived with all the delicious, clean meals. My digestive system was much happier, too. I will definitely do more of these in the upcoming months.

Rachel L., Trenton, MI

SIGN UP NOW! EARLY BIRD PRICE $77 expires 10/24

Have questions?  Great!  I’d love to help you figure out if this is the right program for you.  Send me an email at taunia@tauniamay.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Lots of love and healthy eating,


Hello!  I’m Taunia and very happy that you are here!  I am a social worker turned pharmaceutical sales representative turned Holistic Health Coach and yoga instructor.  After my own health issues:  weight gain of 50+ pounds from a stressful job and traveling a ton with meals out, my own physician wanted me to go on some medications that I didn’t want to go on.  So I embarked on my own journey of changing my diet, lowering stress levels and detoxing my body and mind.  Once I returned to my physician 6 months later and test results came back better than normal, my physician asked me what I did.  I knew at that point there was a need outside of western medicine to help people.  Medications are not the only answer and they should not be the first thing looked at to help.  I believe in the power of eating healthy foods, reducing stress, changing our self-talk and mindset and get in some good physical activity all while removing chemicals and toxins from our homes and what is in our control.

I run seasonal detoxes to help my clients jump-start their clean eating journeys and see results.  This allows me to help more people in an economical fashion.  I also see clients individually work more closely in helping them achieve their results while incorporating a more well-rounded look at everything that impacts our unhealthy choices.  I organize and present workshops regionally that include yoga (detox, restorative, gentle and energizing workshops), food, essential oils and motivational work.  I will be leading a weekend women’s retreat Spring and Fall of 2019.

My private and retreat clients experience VIP days that are filled with movement (yoga, pilates and barre options crafted for them), cooking lessons and wonderful healthy foods, in-depth work for goal setting and transformation.

Taunia holds the following for education:

Bachelors degree in social work from Illinois State University

Certified Integration Nutrition Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

200 hour Yoga teacher thru Crystal Gray’s, Yoga Goddess Academy

Certified Pilates Reformer and Mat instructor

Certified Barre Instructor

Usui Reiki Level 2 practitioner

A.C.E. Group Fitness Instructor

Essential Oils Educator


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